Melts in Your Brain, Not in Your Hand

Hi, crimestoppers! It’s that time again, time to recite the video game designer’s oath! Repeat after me! I will devote myself to thinking of amazing ideas, not dismissing them because normal people wouldn’t think they were ever possible or necessary! [Repeat here.] Good! That’s the only rule! Today’s subject is the WiiThink. One WiiVisor later and you’ve got a game controller for the elderly!

Designed with the intent to market to old folks. Using Electroencephalography (EEG) technology to monitor brain waves, encouraging “brain exercise” to discourage development in Alzheimer’s and other developmental ailments. The headgear’s made to be comfortable with the head, with foam padding all around.

Concave earpiece for the most simple form of hearing aid. Speaker Prompter for spoken commands for the games. Concave earpieces also work with the speaker vents, which, inside the earpieces, are then amplified. Indication lights similar to the original WiiMote.

The visor – on the other hand, is basically a slightly modified WiiMote. This one works like normal, only it’s a different shape and it can be stored on the headgear as a visor.

Designer: Jonathan Thai

WiiThink by Jonathan Thai