Always Take The Stairs

Nothing works better than passive aggressiveness, for instance if you are weight-watching, in-your-face rude nagging always backfires, and you end up letting loose. On the other hand, a subtle, sub-conscious reminder may just do the trick. If I tell you to take the stairs, you may decline, but if you were to see an image of a slim person climbing floors, it would probably encourage you to do the same. This is the concept of the Health NUDGE “Elevator vs. Stairs”.

Health NUDGE “Elevator vs. Stairs” is a two-screen set that is to be placed near the elevators. As a person approaches this interactive signpost, a distorted figure of a fat person taking the elevator appears on one display, while the other one shows a fit and slim person taking the stairs. This passive measure is supposed to encourage people to keep healthy.

Besides being preachy, the displays can be used for hosting Advertisements when the displays are idle. (It gets preachy only when someone approaches the elevators)

Ideal spot for Diet Gurus?

Designer: Sunghee Park

Health NUDGE "Elevator vs. Stairs" Signpost by Sunghee Park




  • Profihouse says:

    Its weird that the designer decided to use computer and sort of monitor instead of just mirror. well, you know what bent mirror can do, dont you!

    • Anael says:

      I just thought the same thing…
      The best designs are the simpler ones. The ones that can solve the problems using the least amount of material, effort, energy, time and money. This one just makes the designer looks stupid for complicating such a simple task!
      I won’t even mention maintenance and sustainability…

      What a waste!!!

  • attila says:


    Now tell me, who would actually see the ads, if they will be turned off whenever someone is in range???


  • steve says:

    There is something called a store with out an elevator. This strongly encourages people to use the stairs, thus cutting that much energy off their bill, and that much weight off you!


  • ghostbuster says:


  • b0g3l says:

    the 1st photo is a bit corny hehe
    the mirror idea sounds good~~

  • Thomas says:

    What about handicapped personels

  • Angelina says:

    peopel should take care of health!

  • R says:

    It’s a shame that this is even “considered” design…

    I mean, the presentation is terrible, and the usefullness is not going to work at all. People would probably have a great laugh instead of taking the stairs. But but, everyone is different i guess. I agree with the above comment of mirrors actually, would have been a much more efficient and “smarter” solution to obtain the same results

    • Scudwerth says:

      totally agree. designs have been going steadily downhill on this site for a while now.

      Even looking beyond the complete disregard for practicality and function, there is no thought given to the principles behind this. If you’re going to take the time to build a render and a board, at least take the 2 minutes to do some Jr. High school physics and get the numbers close.

  • R says:

    I just have to come back to this… After re-looking at this, it actually makes me angry.

    I mean, what if a already big grown person stands in-front of this thing? or like Thomas above said: someone who is handicapped? How is this “solution” going to make them feel?

    Another thing which just makes me wonder if this person even have studied design (i am not even going to consider that the person already works as a designer, because if so… ) I mean… “material: plastic”.. What plastic? Dimensions vairy depending on the monitor? Okey? Why an Acrylic cover? Do you know how expensive it would be to make that in acrylic? Software: Flash.. Okey, so what is the thing running on – other than having a flash coded software?

    I mean seriously. I know that Yanko states “Form Beyond Function”, but this concept dose not have a form, it clearly has a very bad solution to A function, and the function it self is not thought out at all.
    This is like promoting a medicine pill as a pharmacy without knowing what the pill dose. Enough said, but this really made me irritated…

  • Scudwerth says:

    on a plus note: the pictogram with nice figure vs. fat people makes me laugh. perhaps for the wrong reasons.

  • Tommy says:

    IS THAT REALLY NUDGE? I can easily guess that the designer wanted to make use of trendy word, however, it doesn’t fit in AT ALL. That product is apparently deprived of fundamental principles of design; to make the world a better place. This will continually ruin majorities’ feeling and emotion. SIMPLY STUPID.

  • Ron says:

    Lol, it’s cute.

    NUDGE? More like INSULT.

    Very unrealistic though.
    A lot of money for nothing.

    Mirrors, however, seem like a great idea.

  • Passer_by says:

    Despite all the mirror replacement and stuff, the whole purpose of this idea is useless, and insulting.

    Maybe the designer thought she should lose some weight.
    So again, what’s the purpose?

    I agree that this is even CONSIDERED.
    Total shame. Please think before you make.

  • Peter says:

    This is the worst concept I ever seen in this site.
    Can Everybody upload every idea on here?!

  • Such a very nicely say your concepts of Elevator vs. Stairs and of stairs are helpful in loosing more weights. But at today busy schedule elevators are also good for saving time.

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