Always Take The Stairs

Nothing works better than passive aggressiveness, for instance if you are weight-watching, in-your-face rude nagging always backfires, and you end up letting loose. On the other hand, a subtle, sub-conscious reminder may just do the trick. If I tell you to take the stairs, you may decline, but if you were to see an image of a slim person climbing floors, it would probably encourage you to do the same. This is the concept of the Health NUDGE “Elevator vs. Stairs”.

Health NUDGE “Elevator vs. Stairs” is a two-screen set that is to be placed near the elevators. As a person approaches this interactive signpost, a distorted figure of a fat person taking the elevator appears on one display, while the other one shows a fit and slim person taking the stairs. This passive measure is supposed to encourage people to keep healthy.

Besides being preachy, the displays can be used for hosting Advertisements when the displays are idle. (It gets preachy only when someone approaches the elevators)

Ideal spot for Diet Gurus?

Designer: Sunghee Park

Health NUDGE "Elevator vs. Stairs" Signpost by Sunghee Park