Wetter Eyeballs for a Better World

So you’ve gotta put drops in your eyes, yes? Perhaps you’ve got contact lenses or maybe you’re struggling with an eye infection. Your eyes are dry and you gotta get them wet. But for one reason or another, the way you’re doing it just isn’t cutting it! For that, there’s the “Pocket Eye.” This lovely card-sized eyedropper holds a cartridge, a container that holds one drop, an air sack, and a cap!

You get that cartridge full of eyedrops. You wait until the one-drop container is full to capacity. You place the dropper on your face with the droplet in front of your eye. Bend your head back so the card is at a 90 degree angle. Press card so that one-drop container empties into your eye fully.

Only thing I’m not sure about is that guide cylinder – what do you think, needed? Also- love those illustrations of the face. Fabulously simple.

Designer: Jihyun Park

Pocket Eye by Jihyun Park