One Canister of Childbirth

Hey so that young one you delivered a few weeks ago? Man, you shoulda waited a while! You could’ve used this lovely kit! Inside you’ll find everything you need to assist in an out-of-hospital experience. Pad for the lady to lie on. Hospital scrubs and rubber gloves. Surgical mask. And the best part? The clamp.

The clamp! It’s for a really “gross” purpose, and I bet you might know what it is. It’s for the umbilical cord of course, to both clip and seal the deal until it’s ready to be snipped off at the belly.

And all in that nice can!

Designer: Paco Lindoro and Francisco Lindoro

Childbirth Assistance Outside Hospitals by Paco Lindoro and Francisco Lindoro






  • groova says:

    I think the designers do not have first hand experience.

    When I helped my wife with the delivery of our second child, there was a LOT more mess to be cleaned up than could be handled by this kit.

    Also, when you do an out-of-hospital delivery, why would you need a surgical mask as you are not in a sterile environment anyway?!

    Sorry to be harsh, but a total waste of time and not even close to reality.

  • groova says:

    Oh, and I forgot: the clamp.

    For me this was the hight point of the delivery: cutting the umbilical cord and bringing our child into this world. There is nothing gross about it!

    …well, I guess if you can’t see blood this might be gross, but then again, you’d have passed out hours before from all the stuff that’s going on (and coming out) anyway…

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