Trash Knows Best!

Called the Trash Know, this dustbin is as elegant as practical. It features a unique way for incorporating the disposable liners into its form. Right at the bottom of the bin is this roll-dispenser holding the liners. You pull out one to line the bin with. After the trash has filled up, you simply tie a knot on the top and tear away the liner and pull up the next one. Think about a toilet roll, that’s the principle used here too! I simply love the demo video for it!

Designer: Tsai Cheng-Yu For Unique Art

[youtube: 605 445]

Trash Know – Dustbin With Disposable Trash Roll by Tsai Cheng-Yu






  • JJ says:

    This design is very convenience.
    Where can I buy it ??

  • reality says:

    and when a bag splits with oil gravey and fish guts? nightmare.

  • R says:

    what reality said is true. Although, I think that the problem still stands with a normal trashbin if the bag splits, so in that case this still takes the trashbin a bit further.

    The other aspect is that it seems more targeted towards office use, which means that oil gravey and fish guts wont really end up in the trashbin.

  • linda says:

    Nice, but not original… someone else designed this concept….

  • dy3 says:

    I focus on other detail. The part which helps one can hold the trashbin by their foots is very good.
    I can learn something from this thoughtful design.

  • drone says:

    my god! Are people really that lazy that they need a garbage bag dispenser? ridiculous!

  • DL says:

    I think this trash bin suit to living room,office,bedroom,study etc., not suit to kitchen or outdoor.

    There are some convenient designs of Trash.Know like the pedal,garbage bag rool,top of bin etc.

    There are different between lazy and convenient.

    Bikes are the convenient tool or for lazy man tool ?

  • Ron says:

    Very convenient.

  • Kevin says:

    this is really good, i like it alot

  • monroe says:

    Design-wise, it’s nice and convenient.

    Personally, though, I find it wasteful with these small garbage bags… I’m not specifically talking about just this product, but in general. This is meant to be used in “more sanitary” locations that like offices, bedrooms etc. What I use to line my bins for those locations– an entire spread of newspaper. So during a general cleaning, one big garbage bag is filled with balls of these, not several small pouches of plastic.

  • Nezih topcu says:

    How can I buy this, I am living in TURKEY, can you post

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