This backpack uses a military-inspired carry system to easily organize all your belongings

If you think about it, no one’s ever seen a military man rummage through their backpack to find something. Looking at the Osuza Canvas’ interior, it’s pretty easy to understand why. The Osuza Canvas is designed around an organizational system that’s used in military gear, giving each item its designated space, so you don’t have to turn your entire life upside-down to find something as basic as a phone charger. Quite unlike any backpack I’ve seen before, the Canvas comes with an all-accommodating, customizable design that holds everything from gadgets to art equipment. Its secret is providing a foldable, expandable design that goes up to 40 liters, and offering pockets… loads of them!

The bag’s literally functional inside and out. Four Hypalon pull-tabs helo you open the bag up to its butterfly-esque shape, spreading out all your items and accessories in an easy-to-pick orientation. The bag comes lined from end to end with molle pouches to hold most of your goods, while weather-proof pouches and enclosures help you secure more precious items within the bag’s design. For extra accessibility, the Canvas packs a few mesh pockets too… you know, just for good measure.

The Canvas is literally a new type of backpack. Unlike most backpacks which are technically a large empty space surrounded by fabric, the Canvas is much more utilitarian. It’s just a whole bunch of pockets, pouches, and enclosures stitched together into a cuboid of sensible, sorted storage complete with a breathable fabric and padded shoulder straps for comfort… oh, and did I mention it even comes with a lifetime guarantee too?

Designer: Osuza