Concrete Rubbish Bin

This project is close to home because I have seen small children rag picking and going through dumps of waste, just to salvage what they can and earn a buck. The conditions are unsanitary and even urbanized cities like Mumbai lack the civic sense of dumping waste in bins. Most often plastic garbage bins get vandalized or stolen, so the concrete Toknee makes perfect sense. It won’t get picked and probably encourage people to segregate and recycle trash, making it safer for the rag pickers to scavenge.

Designer: Yash Mevada


  • anon says:

    While I’m liking the design of the bin, it seems a bit odd to pitch this as something to benefit the “ragpickers”. I mean wouldn’t it be more direct to try and address the socioeconomic reasons that these people are digging through trash in the first place? Rather than making picking through the trash easier/less dangerous?

  • HH says:

    Poverty is not something you can just curb by changing socioeconomic policies, you need to use every tool available to sought out the smallest problems out there, having said that i dont fully agree with the designers solution either.
    The concrete bin is NOT cheap, is on no grounds hygienic and definitely not the best solution for the after math (cleaning / collecting)

    Dear Designer,
    Next time you list developing countries, Don’t color the entire continent.

  • Saurabh says:

    Such a concrete block is expensive to build and transport. The size also seems miniature. In Mumbai, large metal trash bins start overflowing before the trash collecting vehicle arrives. All over India, people are used to using a polythene bag to store and throw all types of home trash. Asking them to segregate waste will be impossible to achieve. If plastic and paper is segregated this clean then the ragpickers will be out of job. Companies presently buying from them will start collecting the trash themselves.

  • akash says:

    Lol. There’s a reason why statistics is this world. Designers should know that building with concrete is not a cheap option and even more stupid is the fact that they think plastic bottles is the biggest trash that gets thrown.

    Also, what happens to garbage collection? How does this make things any better? Why can’t you design something where the concrete is there and there is an internal container which is removable for easy the metropolitan garbage collection service.

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