Extend to Contend!

Welcome to the future of furniture design, where to be static is to be left sitting still! Born of a desire to question contemporary furniture design, this project by Aïssa Logerot called “Extensions” addresses the concept of multipurpose use and the desire for durability and quality. Products in this Extensions project are made in a non-fixed state, made to become whatever they need to be as the situation in which they are in changes!

Assembly first, right there next to concern for eco-design. Aïssa Logerot took into account packaging, transportation, storage, mounting, dismantling, and of course, mantling.

Enjoy the heck out of the many simple designs made undeniably easy to understand and construct. And as stated, these are adjustable to the max, having many notches and thread adjustments on many different combinations of construction for the top of changeability!

Designer: Aïssa Logerot
Photography: Véronique Huyghe

Extensions Furniture Series by Aïssa Logerot