At Once Collection At Once!

The following is a short exploration of three separate bits of furniture from the fabulous design group known as “At-Once!” The objects we’re about to look at go by the name Glorify, Diamond, and Dinoz, being an armchair, a table, and a desktop accessory, respectively. Each of these items is meant to represent a feeling of greatness: the armchair being of royal essence, the table being cut with the recollection of classically carved furniture that was precious stone studded, and the Dinoz is pure fun – being made for anything from Chia-pet garden enjoyment to artist-minded pencil holder.

Glorify armchair
High density Polyethilene tinged in the mass
100% recyclable
Lacquered on demand
Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 800 x 700 x 800mm
Black, Gray, Purple, Green, Orange, Magenta, White

As a child, any adult-aimed chair will seem like a monster. This giant is made with extra-tall armrests and an array of color choices makes you feel like royalty when in its presence.

Diamond table
Steel sheet
Epoxy paint finished
Weight 15kg
Dimensions 1070 x 670 x 400mm
Black, White

I remember going on a tour of the Duke of Northumberland’s living quarters in Alnwick castle while I was a student abroad in England up near Scotland. It was in that massive collection of decadence that I bore witness to the finest furniture I’ve ever seen. This table remembers as well as I do the fine facets filled with stones and other lovelies, “Diamond” being a contemporary reaction to this in a non-traditional way.

Dinoz desktop accessory
“Balloon” material
Furnished with grass seeds
Weight 300g
Translucide packaging “Priplak”
Dimensions 290 x 100 x 110mm
Black, White, Pink, Yellow

A lovely desk monster for anyone from a kid who wishes to fill it with crayons to a father wishing to teach his child how grass grows. This Dinoz comes with a batch of grass seed to plant in its back but also fits writing instruments nicely. Cute!

Designer: At-Once Design