What Does Design Work Smell Like?

Mine smells like a cat, and sneezing. It’s kind of like a survival course. But for Vivian Chun-Yen Wang as a design student, it’s the school’s natural odor, of course! Her project here deals with the olfactory portion of everyday working in a non-culinary environment. Why non-culinary? Because they’re basically the only ones that already have their smells mastered!

What this project consists of is a nice wooden box and five vials of smell. Fragrances. Each one “smells like” something from the school for which they were made, HDK. Three are made of scents extracted from materials found in HDK, while the other 2 were inspired by the atmosphere in the school.

Stink or no stink?

Smells good!

Special thanks to: Åke Nilsson and Demeter Fragrance Library

Designer: Vivian Chun-Yen Wang

The Scent of Creativity by Vivian Chun-Yen Wang