Lie down and work from home without compromising on your productivity!

At first glance, the Altwork mechanical desk can remind you of the dentist’s work station but this is actually the craziest desk I have seen since I started looking for things that can up my work-from-home game. This desk is designed to suit your every need and really just whim at this point. Stand up desk? Yes! Lie down desk? Also, yes! As outrageous as it might be to spend close to $8000 on a work desk, I will admit that it would be nice to have one of these Altwork stations.

The Altwork desk claims to be the ultimate in productivity and ergonomics….and I agree, I have never seen a desk so flexible that it is practically a gymnast who also cares about your posture. This desk encourages productivity by molding itself to any position that you feel your best in. I personally love to stand and work but I don’t like being stuck in the same place, I work best when I move around and this desk allows me the freedom to do both! There is a demographic that may have health problems which makes it hard for them to sit at a conventional desk and chair in an office. This causes them to lose out on many job opportunities that they might excel at simply because there wasn’t a solution for “How will they sit in the office?” but, thankfully, technology today has given us the ability to work from anywhere and this desk’s shape-shifting form makes it a part of the inclusive design world which caters to the needs of differently-abled. Productivity and health is a universal right.

It is also healthy to keep changing our work positions throughout the day, so alternate between the usual reclining, standing and sitting but also come up with some innovative positions. Like can you do a yoga pose that is good for your back while sitting on this? Probably, yes. With the comfortable headrest and footrest, you can also nap right after your work is done. This desk is work-from-home furniture goals.

Designer: Altwork

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