A Playful Meeting Between Wall and Floor

Those are the words of ADDI products, Kalmar, Sweden based design group who takes the wild step, not just forward, but to the side as well. They push the bookcase over. And why not! You’ve seen the crazy magazine racks for sale on the sidebar of Yanko there, right? Those are cool! Addi’s bookcase, called “Billy’s Brother”, is totally Radikal Arkitektur.

According to Addi, “Billy’s Brother can be seen in the Premio Vico Magistratti catalog for DePadova in cooperation with Designboom.”

Those books look to be falling off but POW!
-they’re more stable than a normal case.

Take THAT, gravity. – Addi Design Group.

Designer: Addi Design Group


  • woow really enjoy this product, not only beauty in form but beyond that take furniture to a different focus

  • Eric says:

    Looks cool! (I certainly don’t have room for this though!) I do wish they showed us more than 1 angle of it… Or in a space that acutally looks like where it could end up. Does that guy really live in a white empty room?

  • dave says:

    they’re more stable than a normal case?
    It can be, but it’s hard to believe 😀
    great found.

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