Sleepy Joe’s Boring Book Emporium!

Have you ever read any of the Lord of the Rings novels? Books? And you didn’t fall asleep? Wow. Have you read the Silmarillion? Ah THERE we go, now you’re snoozin. No matter the quality of the book, the perfection in the organization and execution of the words, sometimes books can just lull you to sleep. When that happens, there’s “Sleepy Joe Inflatable Book Cover and Pillow!” Stay awake and read this!

Made not simply to be a lovely cover for your book, but also a pillow for your nook! That is, if you call your head your nook. Just fall asleep in the yard, don’t worry about the rest of the world. Then wake up and dive back into that book. Don’t forget to eat sometimes, too, humankind wasn’t fed on faith alone!

Designer: Shinyoung Ma



Sleepy Joe Inflatable Book Cover and Pillow by Shinyoung Ma