American Cardboard Machine!

Yes, it has struck again. It’s cardboard! And made and treated the way we’re talking about here, it’s chemical free, recycled, and recyclable! How is that for wrapping your arms around some bark? Included in this post are several designs, all designed by Ben Blanc Studio made exclusively for Cardboardesign, all ready to be slap-packed and picked up by you for you and yours.

So what have we got here?

Two count them two children’s fold up toys, one a shark, the other a television “puppetTV” inside which a child can pretend to be the worlds greatest action hero and television star: Mister Rogers. Or Captian Kangaroo. Don’t forget Spongebob. Ren and Stimpy not allowed.

Catscratchers made for all you hip kitties out there to sink your claws into. No seriously for cats only. If you are a cat and are reading this, please email me and we can be in touch. I want to talk to a cat that can read.

And finally, an amazing room divider. The room divider comes in a set of 50 pieces. Each piece is a die-cut shape that you can use to slot-connect your way to a new amazing wall in any dimension. Five thousand feet tall if you want.

No tools or hardware required for anything. Cardboard only!

Designer: Ben Blanc Studio

Cardboard products by Ben Blanc Studio