The Yin And Yang In Phones

Maybe it’s the Pagan Symbols that have inspired it or the fact that Yin and Yang need to co-exist in every design form, but the truth is Love Connection Mobile Phone Concept doesn’t remind me of the relationship between male and female; neither the dent, nor the projectile! It however is a sweet attempt at being something different as an MP3 player + Phone + Camera + Entertainment System.

The two pieces come together to be used as a video display or the touchscreen interface of a phone. Split them up and one platform can be used as a MP3 player and the other as a phone. The cord between the two interfaces is retractable and the gadget can be hooked to earphones as well (in case you don’t want to use the built-in speakers).

A different kinda Yin and Yang!

Designer: Joongho Choi

Love Connection Mobile Phone Concept by Joongho Choi