For Crafty Glues

AN-GLUE may come across as a frivolous solution to the glue stick design. But when you are the person who is sealing envelopes or gluing stuff; then you’re gonna be real happy that you have this angled design in hand. For the record, it can be difficult to see the paper when we are applying glue to it, because the gluing hand blocks our line of sight. The angled tip makes it easier to see the gluing path and is easier to use.

The base has a ridge that prevents the stick from rolling off the table. Although it is thinner than typical glue sticks, the angled tip makes the application diameter the same as thicker glue sticks.

AN-GLUE is a 2012 red dot award: design concept winner.

Designers: Hansol Ha & Ro Heehun


  • lion says:

    works onlyfor big surface a good problem not necessary the best way to solve it.
    try again.

  • still_alive says:

    with current gluesticks, you can just pick them up and use them

    with this one however, you’ll have to adjust the angle properly to parallelly meet the surface of the paper

    that can be solved though, if the grip has a chamfer in such a way that the user is directed to pick it up in a certain way from the start 🙂

  • Flavia says:

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