This TV’s a Trifecta

See the time, weather, and cooking channel, or just go all-out Back to the Future style and watch three different television shows at once. Made actually for the extra busy family that needs to see multiple screens at once, the “Active Lifestyle Television” tends to the needs of three screen-needing family members or folds up into one giant screen for that one giant football dad in the group.

Other uses: schedule for the day, main screen, tv guide. Football game, basketball game, hockey game. Baseball game, baseball game, baseball game. Olympic sport 1, Olympic sport 2, Olympic sport 3. Basically this television is for families with planned out schedules they’ve got to see on-screen and the sports fan.

The screen is a flexible LCD and it folds to either three different angled screens or one flat in the middle.

Designer: Chris Stefko

Active Lifestyle Television by Chris Stefko