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So you know that one movie where the fruit stand comes down from the ceiling? That was neat. Here’s a whole table that does that! It’s the interactive type, all the most excellent things you’d want in a table, recipes, morning calendars, and games. It’s made for meals and parties, and sometimes for along times in the morning. And for easy cleaning! So simple in future land!

Check out the most amazing details on this table of the gods made by Guopeng Liang – it’s called “Levi.table” and the power cord is totally in the wires!

The only thing I need on this is pong. And galactica, and pacman. Or Miss Pacman.

Designer: Guopeng Liang


  • Carl says:

    hmmm ok im tucking into my well done steak cutting furiously with a knife. the table would be moving everywhere! imagine 4 people doing this. this table would be swinging and rocking everywhere!

  • Hi, i think the swinging issue could hopefully be resolved by the heavy weight of the Levi.table itself. If we assume the table weight is G and an X force is used to move the table body sideways causing an ALPHA degree deviation angle, the X force could be calculated with this formula:

    X = G * tan(ALPHA)

    Here the table is about 40-50Kg. And we can see that it takes us about 0.70-0.87Kg force if we want to move the table by 1 degree.

    Anyways it’s just my simple assumption:-)

    Thanks to M.S.W. for providing a solution to this.

  • Carl says:

    heavy table + (X4 people leaning on it) x the sum of drinks spilled x the number of people who laugh at you = a stupid design & a reinforced ceiling.

    How does that equate Goupeng Liang???

  • OK, don’t be mad anyway:-D

  • Mark says:

    hey,Carl,no design is perfect, we just admire the innovation here,this is not NASA space mission,got it?

    • Carl says:

      thats a shame as this design would work better in a zero gravity enviroment. you may as well sell it to NASA.

  • yeye says:

    It seems dangerous if the cord broke.Why not hide the table underground

  • 霽月瀛台 says:

    OK, everyone be careful.
    It is not a swing.

  • 霽月瀛台 says:

    OK, everyone be careful.
    It is not a swing.

  • eboy says:

    this is amazing but wouldnt this kinda make alll house hold activites linked to the table?

  • Feniks says:

    Look’s good for making love. 🙂

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