Foldable Bowl

This is so easy to figure out I don’t even have to explain it. I think it’s fabulous for camping, drinks, picnics, impromptu gatherings, or even when you’re too lazy to wash dishes. Tho you can use the Foldable Bowl for just about anything, I’d avoid hot foods. My only gripe is the material. Plastic, really? Do we need to go down that road again? I didn’t step into some alternate universe where plastic and nature get along fabulously right?

Designer: Gowoon Jeong


  • Radhika Seth says:

    coated paper is an easy option..its made from bagasse and is eco-friendly as well.

  • paul sandip says:

    whats new here?

  • Filippo says: in italy in some shops you can find picnic bowls made by unleavened flat and dried up bread..
    Once you’ve eaten your meal, you can also eat your bowl 🙂 That’s a good idea..
    100% recyclable by you!

    • zippyflounder says:

      Often the best ideas are the tried and true and this method is used by many culture’s in many forms. You can think of a taco as a preloaded edible bowl if you like.

  • Ekove says:

    nothing new, sure looks cute since it’s a nice mesh plastic, but it’s still plastic and I’ve seen ones made of more friendly materials.

  • Eric says:

    Nothing new here. I would like it if it could be set down as well though… I’m more concerned about that than it being plastic. It’s meant to be re-used for a long time. What other materials can people suggest that would last as long as this? Coated paper = no.

  • Chris says:

    They should have called it “Fold-a-bowl”.

    Thank you very much, I’ll be here all day.

    Looks like a giant version of those paper cups you use to drink out of the Gatorade coolers.

  • powers says:

    Paper? So it can be discarded and wind up in a landfill? I say plastic is more “eco-friendly” in this case. Plastic can be recycled into other useful things. Paper… not so much, and the (industrial) paper making process is nearly as nasty toxic as plastic, if not more so.

  • Fabrice says:

    A spanish designer did the same, in better 🙂

    Go to see in Products/plato universal

  • yosef shuman says:

    the pointy bottom tip will be so impossible to clean that this bowl would instantly becomes a single-use object.

    then again, it may never reach that point in its life cycle, since frustrated users will throw it out the 2nd time it spills all their food or drink on the table….

    flatpack dishware already exists, check your local camping store.

  • xxblahxx says:

    hey i once heard that pointy cups were designed to disable people from putting down their cup (w/ liquid still inside) so that they’ll have to throw it away…

    • Eric says:

      For disposable that’s a great “forced” feature. But this is meant to be re-used, and if I can never set it down I probably won’t use it too often…

  • So says:

    Paper! Paper! Only thing i see useful in this is space saving for when your packing your picnic bag?

  • Casi says:

    i love love love this one so muuch!

  • trent5145 says:

    so easy!

  • Pretty old but yet funny design 🙂

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