The Big Giant Chaos Table

Table leaves. Where do you keep yours? Mine are behind the door in the study. I’ve got a 50-year-old table that uses one leaf to double it’s size. Here we’ve got a giant oval of a table that, upon pulling apart, becomes rather large and abstract indeed. The leaves that fit in the openings are made up of the pieces of wood cut off the boards used to make the table. Little teeny tiny waste!

This little doggy is still in the development stage, as most Yanko designs are. The first functional model is contructed of pine and plywood. The real deal will be Douglas fir, steel, and wheels. The expanded size reaches 3.7m long.

By using the waste material created while cutting the elliptical table top, the shape is literally turned inside out and order turns to chaos. Etymologically ‘Ellipsis’ means to ‘leave out’ or ‘fall short’. – P.M.

How does one answer for creating chaos as an industrial designer? As an industrial designer, graphic designer, web designer – do you aim to create order, or chaos? Peter Marigold knows.

Designer: Peter Marigold