Eat, Cook and Clean Up, All At The Same Table

The two things that I see common regarding perception of futuristic technology is that products are going to be compact and well integrated. Take for example this futuristic dining table, its designed with all the modern convenience integrated within its belly. Once you sit down, you needn’t get up to make a toast or fetch the coffee, get an apple from the fridge or even wash your dishes. It’s all integrated into the table.

The Form:

– A circular five-seater table with retractable chairs that fit flush with the frame of the table when not in use.
– A part of the table used to refrigerate food and is divided into 2 separate sections with a total volume capacity of 203 liters.
– At the touch of a button, the black glass top becomes transparent allowing a complete view of the fridge contents beneath it.
– The food is stored in bins where it is divided into groups (dairy products, smoked meat, vegetables, fruits etc).
– This is where a rotating storage compartment is located with a volume capacity of 98 liters, designed to store small groceries.
– The second part of the refrigerator is integrated into the center of the table and chills your bottles.
– The shelves of the bottle fridge feature punched with holes minimizing the escape of cold air when the refrigerator is lifted. This section has a volume capacity of 105 liters.
– Two buttons help you to use this second fridge: One for Pulling up the fridge, the other for rotating the stand for easy selection.
– Small appliances are located inside a stainless steel inter-circular compartment that is manually rotatable and can store up to 8 different electrical appliances. These appliances are easily replaceable.
– The appliances integrated include a mini-dishwasher, toaster, coffee machine, boiling kettle, cold water dispenser, a freezer, mini-microwave and cutlery holder.
– The top layer of the table is a touch display screen, allowing access to the internet. It displays daily press (newspaper, magazines), allows search for recipes and enables communications.
– The table top display can be changed to accommodate soothing views or even fun games.

The Systems Used:

– Touch OLED display screens that change from complete shade of black to fully transparent to expose content of the refrigerator.
– Nanotechnology surface (for better cleaning).
– Pneumatic system (pistons for hoisting electrical appliance), servomotors and electronics.
– The materials used are glass, plastic (or synthetic stone) and stainless steel.
– The table is securely anchored to the floor and connected to a source of electricity, water supply, the internet and the waste.

Designer: Petr Kubik