Out With the Old, in With the Shoe Rack

The shoe rack! The shoe rack forever! Have you got shoes? If you’re a person like me, you’ve got shoes, and not only that, you’ve got a ton of shoes. You might be a kick-miser, a pack-rat, or just a Confessions-of-a-Shopaholic; you’ve got shoes. You’ve got shoes, and they need a new rack. Not that kind of rack. This kind: the “Nest Shoe Rack.” Stainless Steel, wavy, and it’s got what shoes crave. Stick your shoes right in this ever-so-slightly-clever-enough shoe rack as soon as possible.

So. It’s metal. And. Bear with me here. It’s wavy.


And as you can see, it holds your shoes.


P.s. there’s a floor-mounted version and a wall-mounted version. I’m not completely certain that it wont bend your toes, or give you toe-dents, but I’d be willing to bet it wont do any damage in the short-term. This is the nicest display rack I’ve seen in recent times since it shows the side of the shoes, aka, the side you’d see if they were being worn, aka, the best side. Warning on this: watch out for those who might tackle the shoe rack. Lots of shoe-shooting disasters are afoot.

Designer: J-Me Design [ Buy It Here ]