Water-Bottle Filler Upper Machine

So you’re in the workout palace. The palace of working out. For bunz of steel. And you want to fill up your water bottle or thermos or, to use the brand-name-associative-name, Nalgene Bottle. You go over to the fountain and CRAP you can’t fill it up all the way because it’s one of those crappy-type fountains. Wait! No it isn’t! It’s some sort of orange-and-black miracle! It’s the “Aquatio” by Byron Lee! Why, this was built for bottles!

So you walk up to the fountain, and by some sort of well-designed intuitive-magic, you instantly understand how it works. First, you adjust the height of the fountain, making room for your bottle. You set your bottle down. You turn the fountain to FREEZING cold. You press the on/off button. You drink the water.


Designer: Byron Lee


  • Carl says:

    ive seen this before. i use it to fill up my water bottle with. its called a tap.!

    • Victor Assis says:

      Carl… Just out of curiosity… what do you believe industrial designers should do in their profession? I ask this because I see this as a nice design. It’s not going to change the world or anything, but it could sell, and I think that, if it doesn’t hurt anyone or anything, selling is a perfectly acceptable reason for a project.

      I want to know why it seems so wrong for you. Tell me what kind of projects you think we should work into.

      • Shane says:

        Industrial design will mean something different to pretty much everyone you ask. And no, there is nothing wrong with a nice design that might sell, even if it doesn’t change the world. Point of Sale and exhibition design wont change the world, but they do sell, they can be done nicely and they employ many an industrial designer.
        The only issue with a design like this is getting it to market at a comparable price, with at least slightly better functionality and not have the users confused as hell when they go to operate something as mundane as a tap. Doing all that can be difficult and at some point during the project you may indeed conclude that a tap is the better solution!

        • B says:

          the pivoting function has nothing to do with the bottle filler. the design of the bottle filler is really just a tap. you put the bottle on the tray and press the button as simple as that. as for the pivoting function its to allow the user to make slight hight adjustments. for the temp, theres only two settings pivot right for one and left for the other. but again its only just a concept.

          but thanks all for the comments, helpful for making further changes and adjustments . Thanks again!

        • Carl says:

          a tap is a better solution, nice one Shane.

        • Victor Assis says:

          I actually work with POS design, and I’ll tell you it’s much more technical and functionality-driven most people think, and most designers do. It’s not only about making the interior of a shop nice and beautiful, but also funcional. But I’m drifting here.

          I agree a tap is a simpler solution to this matter. But you boys are forgetting, a regular tap provides no cold water, and that alone, asks for an intervention. But it’s overdesigned for it may be hard to understand and operate for the first time you see it, but not for it could be simply replaced by a tap. Besides, saying something shouldn’t be done because it could confuse your clients in their first attempt is ridiculous. It’s like saying touchscreens are bad because the first time you try it, it may be a bit enerving.

      • Carl says:

        ‘perfectly acceptable as long as it sells’ This kind of useless regurgitation design gives designers who bring a benefit and improvement whilst reducing waste and unnecessary material use a bad name.

        • Shane says:

          I think you’ve misunderstood me a bit Carl. I don’t mean to imply that a tap is a better solution than what the designer has proposed. I’ll leave that to the individual to decide.I simply used it to illustrate a point.
          I am not in favor of frivolous design more than anyone else, but recognize that most designers don’t work for clients who want to change the world or even improve the world. They work for clients that want to make money. The point of sales and exhibition design industries are obvious examples. neither will ever change the world or improve it, but it will exist without designers whether we like it or not. Thus I see no reason to rubbish their work if they are doing a good job with what they have.

        • Victor Assis says:

          “…if it doesn’t hurt anyone or anything, selling is a perfectly acceptable reason for a project.”

          That’s what I said. You conveniently forgot the first part, and used just the part that fits your bla-bla-bla. This attitude of your embarrass your professional colleagues.

          “ive seen this before. i use it to fill up my water bottle with. its called a tap.!” Now that’s what I’d call a useless regurgitation. Still, you weren’t capable of answering my question on what approach we professionals should have.

          You sound just like a university teacher I had. He was a sociologist, trying to convince us that capitalism is bad… and just inside a design graduation course! A bit ironnic, don’t you think? How can someone be in a professional if they hate and are against the very basis of the profession?

  • Free says:

    Love the simplicity of the design, however, as an active gym member, I have to say that having the water running down from the draining pan does not give you a sense of cleanliness. It’s great that you thought about the increased flow though, it can be a drag wait to get a drink when the guy is filling a Liter of water in front of you.

  • Its a interesting project, a couple of observations and a suggestion.

    The adjustable water temp is appealing but in application a bit tougher as most water fountains don’t have a full up cooling system. The Elky fountains use a semi evaporation system to drop the water temp down a few degrees, but for your application your going to need some sort of powered system. The chiller could could a solid state Peltier unit like in some Coleman coolers or a full refrigeration system. The former is far cheaper and far more robust, the latter allows lower temperatures. In both cases however you now have to run AC power to each one during installation, rather than just a water line vastly increasing installation cost and killing your replacement market.

    The “wing” looks like pretty way to deal with the height problems for a spectrum of users from little folk, disabled, average and tall. The wing had better be build GD strong because somebody WILL try and sit on it, sounds crazy but just remember what you did back in your teens.

    The bottle fill function is a good one but needs a separate valve system and faucet from the water line to avoid contact with the drain area. The drain area might be just fine but as Free said its
    perceived as contaminate.

    You might try running this buy ELKY, and Sloan here in the USA, they are the biggies in this market. You might also try working with a fitness equipment manufacture as a line extension and branding opportunity.


  • Chris says:

    first glance it looked like a high end, no-water urinal. I think this might be a better enviro-friendly approach to this form factor.

    to follow up on what Free and Zippy stated… it’s not even a perception issue – most people dump their prior warm drinking water, flat soda, cold coffee, etc (aka backwash) into the pan or people are spitting in the water fountain pan area… clearing their throat, then rinse and drink — hands down, public water fountains are nasty.

    faucet / tap methodology would probably work better… so, maybe if the under side area is a separate water tap flow it shouldn’t be a problem – but I guess if you use a tap/faucet it defeats the novel approach of this tilting mechanism.

    in terms of flow through, most water systems are geared down to smaller pipes, you wouldn’t need to increase the water pressure or build a contraption to allow for the water to flow quicker – just open the valve more or increase the pipe diameter size… you can look to the 6-shower head industry for this kind of thing, moving from 3/4″ diameter pipes and retrofitting them with 1/2″pipes – huge enviro impact.

  • for first time in a lot of time i see some constructive critics on the design, i hope we keep this spirit, we are here to give our particular point of view and help people grow up in design, so congrats to zippy and all ones.

  • Cromagnum says:

    My spin on this

    If its at a gym, then turn it into an excercise machine

    You work the machine to pump water, and/or chill it. For added difficulty, you pump it through a filter. For the real macho, you pump it through a reverse-osmosis filter.

    Now you own the water, you worked for it.

    As for a refilling station, yeah ok, i see it. I dunno how many people like the water passing over a germ collecting platform first. And you add more things to be repaired/replaced in the field.

    • b says:

      the water does not pass through the platform before it goes into the bottle. different water source. it doesnt make much sense to filter the water and purposely make it dirty before you consume.

      maybe thats something for me to work on. its hard combining a 28 page design into just a few.

  • lolcarl says:

    carl needs to get laid

  • good one carl says:

    I dont think carl is in a position to crit anything here. I just checked out his ‘site’, which was confusing, tough to navigate, and uuuugly. So enough with the hate factor. As for the fountain design, I really appreciate the user centered aspect, function before form, word up. The only major problem I see is the adjustable height, looks like people might end up spraying water in their face. With the growing plastic bottle epidemic becoming an increasing enviromental factor product designers need to be encouraging users to get sustainable. Sometimes that means using injection molded plastic, a little bit of wrong to achieve a big right. Last time I checked people wernt to keen on refilling their bottles from a TAP in a public washrooms; and I think youd be hard pressed to fill it from a standard fountain. So nice work.

    • Victor Assis says:

      I’ve been to Carl’s site too, and for the one trying to convince us a tap is better than a drinking fountain just because the fountain is more elaborated, a website about design competitions seems preeeeetty shallow. I expected to see some militance like “let’s move back in the forests”
      Oh, and, sorry, but I have to say it: A jet-ski is a reaaaally relevant product in this world.

      • Grey says:

        I have to agree with Assis here, Carl ain’t that bright, because just to have a tap in the middle of know where is pretty daft, lol plus Taps have too many contact points for hygienic reasons.

        By going against a water fountain his also going against, qwerty or stylus on smartphones. It all comes down to preference and style.

  • I like it.

    Functionally, I think everyone worries WAY too much about how people will learn to use it. History shows that they do, they just may need training.

    Economically, you can now place ONE fountain wherer you had two of different heights…reducing the space & cost considerably.

    Whether or not you implement the temperature switch (and I’d do it with an analog turn valve, not as either or. Gives you more choice and is cheap to implement.)

    Two issues. One is height of fountain stream–a major issue with any fountains is either not enough or too much pressure. It’s a major issue for owners and users alike.

    Two is vandal-proofing. The main issue is that you’ve given them two of the worst things you can give a vandal–built-in leverage and a moving part!

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