Spontaneous Mediterranean Pots

This project goes by the name “Atesta” and it’s going to make your plants look so amazing you aren’t going to know what to do with yourself. You’ll wish there was such a thing as a human planter, these plant pots look so nice. Designers at Series D have reinvented the plant pot in a way that makes them modular. These pots stand up tall and can be grouped to act as more of a space divider than a plant holder. More than ever before the pot becomes part of the ephemeral space of your yard, deck, lobby, or any other place you might plant a lovely plant.

Made for those fabulously spur-of-the-moment decorators in the Mediterranean, where the Atesta brand is centralized. Move around a room in just a moment. And guess what? It’s a light, too! Lit from within, made to be more than just a planter. The Atesta can be a pot, mood lighting, a bucket, a tall table, a lounge bar, whatever you choose!

Designer: Series D