Hide & Keep by Karin Stromberg

The starting point for Hide & Keep is to take the teenager seriously. The product defends teenager’s right to a private life and offers an opportunity to hide things that he or she does not want to show. The hidden things can be taken out later to reminisce about the past time. Hide & Keep is inspired by diaries, jewellery boxes, wedding chests and secret compartments.

A teenager has things that he or she does not want to show to the parents, even adults may have things they want to put away for example with the arrival of guests. We all own valuable and private things, Hide & Keep is a furniture which has a hidden storage possibility for these personal things. The product it self symbolizes the teenager, with a hard surface and a soft and fragile inside which he or she does not want to show with others. Hide & Seek is a product that adapts with the user. When the user is ready to reveal his or her inner self, the product can change and open up.

Designer: Karin Strmberg