M.E.R.M. Flea Market on Wheels

So you fancy yourself a merchant, yes? How hardcore be you? Delve with me into the wicked world of the flea market, the ice cream truck, and the munch wagon. All three of these certainly have bearing when this vehicle is rode: MERM (Modular Electronic Retail Minivan.) Explore the trade and sale underground. And realize the future as it is brought back above.

What designer Eric Zhang has made here is another vehicle amongst the likes of Marty’s Munch Wagon, Mr Softee’s Ice Cream Truck, and Old Man Smith’s Pickupfull of Vinyl Records and Tools. It’s a modern traveling saleswagon! Keep your pants on though, because since there’s so much (strange) precedent, this “MERM” will have to make a brand new case for wanting to take my record collection across the country.

Fun Fact: I sell hell of records in the summer at the flea market in Fairhaven, Minnesota. I’ve seen many a vehicle come through attempting the impossible with large loads of junk and treasure. Based on that dirty experience, check it out:

Space inside the MERM: small. Only allows room for predetermined amount of product, and the fact that the electronically unfolding containers are small limits the type and size of product I can carry. But, there are several replaceable and interchangeable components, the designer notes. Also make sure this can also be used as an empty van, just incase someone has to drop and run.

Shape: I hope there’s a shade inside or outside the giant window in the front so that whoever is traveling around with this vehicle can sleep inside the vehicle if need be. Needless to say, also, this vehicle is kind of silly looking, so watch out for biker gangs.

Excellence within the MERM: the entire vehicle is powered by electricity and solar power. All right! Let’s keep this green thing going, and let’s get minimal grass stains on our pants along the way.

Designer: Eric Zhang