Unruly Cables, Bluelounge CableBox Review

Take a look under your desk, behind the entertainment center and by your computer. Chances are you have a rat’s nest. The deliberate twisty-ties on carefully laid out cables when you first set them up have become a tangled mess. How does that happen?!?! It’s a chore to untangle because you just KNOW it’ll happen again. The Bluelounge CableBox organizes that mess and hides everything inside a box. Yes we’re going for the illusion of clean here but if you’re so inclined, the inside of that box can be as artful as the inside of a Mac Pro computer.

You can use it for any cable-ly (so not a word) mess but the CableBox was designed specifically for large surge protectors and power bricks. Using it couldn’t be easier because all it is – is a plastic box. You could just chuck your current rat’s nest inside, close the lid and call it a day but I’m actually quite the neat freak so this prompted half a day’s worth of unplugging everything, carefully labeling the wires, then neatly plugging everything back. The CableBox has openings on both ends, one for the main power cable and the other for all your cables to feed thru. Below are pictures of just how a hidden power brick can infinitely improve the mood of a room. The CableBox is simple but it’s purposely so; a.k.a minimalism. It blends into any decor – perfectly unobtrusive and nondescript.

What we liked:

  • Ample room for multiple power bricks and surge protectors
  • Clean minimal design
  • Simple execution, no crazy hooks and guide rails inside
  • Rubberized padding underneath
  • Comes in black and white

What could be improved:

  • More color options – even wood veneers
  • A tad pricey at $29.95

Company: Bluelounge [ Buy it Here ]