The Story About Drying Dishes

Many of you must be accustomed to a dishwasher but a better part of the world still hand washes the dishes. They either towel dries them or puts them up in racks for air drying. No doubt air-drying is a better method and to max this is the Trio Dish Drier. What’s special about this one, is that it’s got these cute little containers at the bottom of the rack that houses herbs. Essentially, the residual water from the washed dishes trickles down to the plants to water them. Nice!

Designer: Jordan Bailey


  • Carl says:

    i wash up every night, i don’t water my plants every night. plus i don’t think a water with cleaning detergent would be good for the plants.

  • ovaxio says:

    Good idea, i want one of this…

  • PBB says:

    Carl: by the time the dishes get put in here, I would hope the cleaning detergent would be gone, otherwise you’d be putting your dishes back in the cabinet with soap still on them.

    Good design!

    • Jeff Mailer says:

      The aspect of the cleaning detergent was the first thing that came to mind. You would have faint traces of the detergent on the plates and you don’t want to water your herbs with that ??

      Jeff Mailer

    • Carl says:

      gone where? do you have another bowl of pure water to rinse them in? please explain. also the 1st two images show the plants growing down. in my esperience they tend to grow upwards..

      bad design.

      • sharon says:

        carl, it’s a simple concept. when you wash the dishes, you are obviously rinsing off the detergent before you put them on this rack to dry.

      • Lexi says:

        Isn’t there also a filter system? Any detergent left over by the rinse would be filtered out, so only water will tickle down to the plant. Or so I’m assuming.

        Though perhaps, adjusting the growing herb’s position would be good, since plants tend to grow up, not down. Also, there’s the matter of sunlight and everything.

  • zway says:

    good idea,precise presentation ^_^

  • powers says:

    Another repeat.

  • Foci says:

    I love the concept and think the form is a good starting point.

    There is a considerable amount of visible surface above the herb area. I feel this makes the from feel top heavy. I also question the break line in the top surface. You want the product to always be clean. I am reading that break line to have a flat inside bottom surface. If this is true it will be a place for dust to collect. I would change this to be a full radius indention.

    just my observations.

  • Henrique Staino says:

    Nice idea!
    Just to improve the renderings:
    Even if planted upside down, the plants would grow upwards. There are some growing hormons that concentrate according to the gravity, causing the plant always to grow upwards.

  • brack says:

    i love this idea. It accomplishes 2 objectives with one task. The capacity seems small, though, for a house like ours…we do several dishes at once and it doesn’t seem to hold much.

  • no says:

    very nice design. but I think it doesn’t need the filter : the water from your dishes is clean. Moreover, if the water is hard, you’ve to clean the filter.

  • Carlos says:

    In fact, I think it would not be easy for us to use,though it is really beautiful.

    In my city, the air here is not so good.
    so,if I put the dishes inside this kind of tool,you can not make sure it would be really clean!

  • Alan says:

    This design is not practical at all. The cost involved just for allowing the water from the plate to get to a plant.

    Please dont think so direct and do thing for the sake of it. This design post more problem then a solution…..

  • Anita says:

    I’m going to guess there’s a cross-ocean disconnect at play in the comments section. Carl (who I will assume is European based on the phrase “washing up”) likely does not rinse his dishes, whereas PPB (like many North Americans) does? I have friends and family in the UK and none of them rinse dishes after the wash.

    Of course, I’m still not sure why it would be OK for there to be detergent residue on the plates you’d eat from, but not in your herbs.

  • TonTon says:

    I think it´s quite cool. BUT, eco-friendly uses SOAP and not detergent, they desintegrate you hands.
    And there´s also another thing: What if i´m going out to eat for a week or more, will my gorgeous dish-herbs die thirsty?

    Nice Job. Try to “refine”


  • annie says:

    wheree can i get thiis?? or is it just a propotype?

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