Pain In The Back?

Thanks to my husband’s persistent back problems, I have become a second hand expert when it comes to the various methods to alleviate back pain. To make the back muscles strong, regular exercise, stretching, maintaining correct posture and Yoga helps a lot. For the moment when a spasm occurs, doctors usually advice muscle relaxing creams, compresses or painkillers. However sometimes indulgent contraptions like this VertaBrate massager may offer temporary relief.

The VertaBrate focuses on areas where the spinal nerves begin to permeate through the back and aims at diminishing the amount of discomfort that spawns at the beginning of these spinal nerves. It bends over the shoulders and clings to the body using sticky pads. The sticky arms embed four vibrating nodes that facilitate deep massage. Like I mentioned before, that sometimes doctors advice compresses to alleviate the pain, so depending upon what you have been advised, the VerteBrate can be popped into the freezer or microwave for temperature therapy.

From my experience in tackling back-related problems, the only mantra one should really follow is regular exercise and moderation in activities.

Designer: Jacob Ballard