Don’t Call it a Bean Bag, SumoSac Review

Around this time last year we reviewed the Sumo Omni Lounge. It’s still in the office and despite being subjected to people instinctually wanting to run and “cannonball” on it, it has held up well. We recently had a chance to try out Sumolounge’s new and expanded product line, namely the SumoSac. In short, everything has been vastly improved. Tho the original Sumo Omni used “beads” and retained a beanbag-like consistency, the SumoSac is totally different. It opts for batting. Hit the jump for our review.

The SumoSac is aptly name because that’s essentially what it is – a sac. I love the new squashed sphere shape because it naturally wants to cradle you. The slipcover is a super soft microsuede material – much easier to clean. Just toss it in the wash. Inside is a mountainous ball of batting. It’s furniture grade urethane foam. I’m not talking blocks here, its been shredded to voluminous proportions. Although there are expensive designer chairs and ergonomic seats all over the office, there’s something about a giant plush bag that invites people to plop down. The stuffing refuses to lose shape. Just fluff it up like a pillow and it’s back to normal.

Size wise it’s BIG. I mean you can literally sleep on it. It comes in four sizes, one for every type and budget ranging from the ‘Gamer’ ($199) to the massive ‘Giganator’ ($399). The SumoSacs are a bit heavy but no worries because Sumolounge offers free shipping.

What we liked:

  • It’s HUGE, plushy, and soft
  • The microsuede slipcover. Easy to care for. Looks less “college dorm room”
  • Sturdy zipper construction to remove slipcover
  • Comes in a range of colors and sizes
  • Stuffing is inside mesh shell so nothing falls out
  • Retains form
  • A lot softer than bean bags
  • Larger sizes could easily seat 2-3 people

What could be improved:

  • Packing – unrelated to the product but it comes stuffed in a box held together with freight plastic strips. Be careful when opening.

Designer: SumoloungeBuy it Here ]


  • John Q says:

    isn't this pricey?….

  • Carl says:

    apart from a large bean bag, what exactly am i looking for here?

  • brainsolid says:


    Very nice blog, i like your comment's style.

    I use wordpress and threaded comments too, so can you help me do somthing like your style? I mean, bottom and left border with arrow.

  • Christine says:

    So….it's a bean bag..

  • jin_woo_han says:

    the laptop is more attractive

  • jahan says:

    with Bacon…!and jelly… lampic IT…!


  • dune says:

    why is this on yanko? this is awful

  • Hugh~~ says:

    so big !!!

  • ZGiSH says:

    I'd buy one as a cheap memoryfoam bed substitute. Gigantor for the win.

  • deanween8 says:

    ill buy the girl plz

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