A Desk of Transformers

Behold the transformable desk for creative persons, Kkanapètko. In the description we received from the designer, Krassi Dimitrov, I thought I read “crazy persons” and immediately got excited. Turns out it really is “creative persons,” but when it comes down to it, I know because I am one, creative persons and crazy persons are often one in the same. And speaking as a crazy creative, I say right now, this is a wonderful desk. Tiny when closed, one or two comfortable modes when in action, Kkanapètko go!

Or maybe I should say go go gadget Kkanapètko? Yes I think so. This desk has 3 drawers on either side, apposite drawer for printer and/or scanner, light table (for super fun tracing action,) extendable cable, and stereo speakers to connect your music players (or I suppose if you just wanna get a converter and connect a mic you could totally have a karaoke show with it.) Drawers are easy open even when heavily loaded, a Servo-Drive system (electronic silent-run opening system,) working with or without using a handle. Two tables popping out the side so more than one person can work comfortably, each side of this desk being the exact same for equal opportunity storage and working space. Think of how awesome this would be for an art studio or design college. All you’d have to do is install locks on the drawers.

The metal you see around the system (like the table legs) is aluminum, while the 4 wheels on the bottom of the unit are crafter by OGTM and made for easy movement for easy storage.

What a wonderful little-to-big desk!

Designer: Krassi Dimitrov