A Player For All Ages

This is not another story about an MP3 player that looks groovy, has jazzy features and is full of it. It’s the story of a player that addresses the issue of older generation coping with technology. The Sony concept that we see here features a simplified interface with keys that are clearly laid out and raised. The screen is high contrast, with light text on a dark background rather than vice versa, making it easy to read. It basically targets the elders who enjoy listening to music but are bogged with stiff fingers (arthritis), poor vision and fear of complicated gadgets.

Quick tech-specs reveal a radio, 4 to 8 GB of storage and an ergonomic design that is easy to clutch. The player is larger than usual, (much like large touchpad telephones) and the buttons on the top of the player and functions like a remote control.

Designer: Damien Crossan


  • Elfet says:

    No good.

    Старики не смогут даже понять как надеть такие наушники на свои уши, не то что как управлять этим плеером.

    Old people can not even understand how to put these headphones on your ears, not something like that to manage this player.

  • Jason says:

    Many of the older generation would be intimidated just by the looks of this thing! It is very obnoxious.

    “It basically targets the elders who enjoy listening to music but are bogged with stiff fingers (arthritis), poor vision and fear of complicated gadgets.”

    Wrong, it targets visually stimulated 12 year old children.

    If this is targeting the older generation that has poor vision, why is the screen so damn tiny?

  • Russ says:

    Yeah…. not phallic at all. Nope. Not one bit.

    I shudder to think what the carrying case looks like.

  • Victor Assis says:

    Lol… absolutely no good. Besides… How many old people do you know that walk around with mp3 players??? Let me guess… none?

  • The shape is well forced, the rest is fine. I LOVE the statement “old people…” as if that generalization is valid as that runs from folk like me to a 90year old monk. The market for MP3 players for the 50 and over crowd (like me) is pretty small, limited to for the most part runners and such.

    • Victor Assis says:

      It’s a bit like to say classes A-E… there are so many different walks of life, in terms of money, it’s ridiculous to think you can divide it in just 5 steps. I may be going a little off topic, but humanity is getting more and more complex by the day, so I guess setting your target is getting harder and even more important. Care to comment, Zippy?

      • The solution to targeting your market accurately is as always, ASK IT. The controls are fine, the size is also ok (no need to make it the size of a vitamin pill) but the form factor is wacko. If your market is 50 yo and over your going to have a small market, even though our age group were the mass consumers of the walkman and diskman products. I think as we age we become either less able or willing to multi task or we become more internalized where constant external stimulation is less of a requirement.

  • matt says:

    testicle that you can clutch

  • Erik Slagter says:

    I can see the following happen:
    “Are you happy to see me or is that your sony mp3 player”
    OMG, older people (50+) want a simple design. This think looks like it came from outerspace;-)

  • bluesky says:

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  • clarks says:

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