The Story of MVMT Watches

It took me to an encounter with the MVMT Watch to understand that owning a high quality watch need not burn a hole in my pocket. Now I am not talking like a seasoned haute horology investor, but like a person who appreciates a well designed watch, crafted from quality materials and finds them within my reach. The MVMT Watches stem from the desire of young entrepreneurs and watch enthusiasts who wanted to “cut out the brand inflation” without compromising on the quality.

[youtube: 600 451]

The way MVMT has been designed, you can easily wear it for casual occasions or formal do’s. Either ways you have a conversation starter on your hands! The good thing is that there are six watches to choose from in this debut collection.

I asked Jake Kassan (the handsome dude you see in the video clip) what motivated the team to come up with MVMT. His story was simple: passion for watches and desire to cut out the brand inflation and retail markup of popular name brands.

After spending nearly a year working with leaders in the industry, the net results are exclusive timepieces that are crafted from 316 Low Carbon Grade stainless steel, and the 44.5mm case houses a Japanese Miyota Precision Quartz Movement. The watch also features a Date Function, but I’d like to see how the team would handle a few complications? Now I’m totally excited!

The watches will survive getting wet in the rains, but don’t try and swim with them!

To sum it up, a minimalist look, highest quality materials and affordability are the key ingredients for the success of this handsome range of watches.

Designer: MVMT [ Buy it Here ]