I Want Your MP3s for the Rest of My Life

Liberty Fearns presents the Twinned MP3 player: two devices that act as one. After they’re broken apart, they’re activated: both MP3 players hold the same playlist together… forever. Together forever and never to part / Together forever we two / And don’t you know / I would move heaven and earth / To be together forever with you.

Liberty Fearns designs a treat for playlist lovers: “Have you ever heard a song on the radio that took you back to a specific time or event, which conjured real emotions connected to that time?

“Twinned MP3 players which will play exactly the same music at any time. The unit must first be snapped in half in order to become functional, creating a formal ritual shared between two people. Music is uploaded to a shared online play list, which will only download new music when both MP3 players are in their docks, so that audio content always remains the same. Users build a soundtrack to their relationship, like a growing mixtape.

“Inspired the process of cell division or ‘mitosis’, whereby a cell separates the chromosomes in its cell nucleus, into two identical sets in two daughter nuclei.”

I must say I’d love to do it, and the little wave in the device is cute as heck. How many of you would find it easy to share a playlist with anyone? Let Liberty Fearns provide you with the real deal in a hardcore sense, and you and a loved one can share your Rick Astley playlist together -forever.

Designer: Liberty Fearns