A therapy device that relieves pain using multiple technologies, without any medication

It’s the 21st century so just relying on a hot compress to relieve muscle pains does sound slightly archaic if you ask me. The IASO Ultra works just like a hot or cold compress would, in that you just press it against your aching body part… but with four underlying technologies, it brings pain relief into the future.

The IASO debuted in 2018 as a pain-relief ‘tech-pebble’ that you could place on your body to stimulate tissue regeneration. Over the years, it gained the support of athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and doctors for how it relieved chronic pain without any medication… although with one caveat. It was a little too small to cover the kind of area a cold compress or a hot compress could. Building on that feedback, Los Angeles-based WellsCare created the IASO Ultra, a larger healing pad that used a combination of cold laser therapy, blue LEDs, heat treatment, and vibration massage to heal chronic pain. Rather than tackling pain by numbing the nerve receptors (like how painkillers work), the IASO Ultra rehabilitates the body by healing the tissue and skin cells that are responsible for the pain. The pad-shaped device comes with a strap that lets you target any part of the body, from your neck, back, and stomach, to your shoulder, arms, and legs.

Designed as a lightweight, rechargeable device that you can use at home after a long day at work, after exercising or training, or even post-injury, the IASO Ultra combines the powers of four technologies to accelerate healing by boosting blood flow and naturally relieving pain. Switch the IASO Ultra on and you can toggle between its multiple modes. The Cold Laser Therapy Mode (which the original IASO pioneered) helps regenerate damaged tissue by penetrating deep into the skin. Also known as low-level laser technology, the IASO Ultra uses a trifecta of 650nm, 830nm and 910nm wavelength lasers to relieve pain. The Cold Laser Therapy is further supported by IASO Ultra’s array of Blue LEDS which use an LED wavelength of 453nm to tackle larger areas and rehabilitate the skin and the tissue underneath. While the LEDs and lasers work on a deep-tissue level, the IASO Ultra’s heat therapy mode allows the device to work as a hot compress. The heat generated by the pad-shaped device helps improve blood circulation to the affected areas, while soothing muscles and providing comfort. A fourth Vibration mode helps loosen muscular knots and pulls with a good old-fashioned massage. Vibration adds the final touch in the therapy to enhance the process of helping the expansion of blood vessels for better overall speedy recovery.

These four modes sit within IASO Ultra’s slick, portable, and easy-to-use device. The two-button interface makes using the IASO Ultra quite literally pain-free, and its rechargeable design means you can use it anytime, anywhere. No more popping pills or going to the doctor every time you pull a muscle or strain a body part!

Designer: Sung Won Lee of WellsCare

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IASO Ultra

The IASO Ultra is your own personal pain relief device that combines low-level laser technology, blue LED therapy, heat therapy and vibration massage to help damaged tissue recovery and improve blood flow, thus treating your pain effectively.

Cold Laser Therapy

Also known as low-level laser technology, cold laser therapy stimulates the regeneration of tissues by increasing blood flow to the applied area and thus contributes to effective pain relief with no side effects. With a trifecta of pain relief wavelengths of 650nm, 830nm and 910nm, this specific therapy works to reach into the deepest areas of the damaged tissues to promote relief.

Blue LED Therapy

Often used to treat sun damage and various skin conditions, blue LED therapy helps with blood flow improvement in superficial areas. The LED wavelength of 453nm and the triple wavelengths of the cold laser therapy work together for even a quicker pain relief–especially in tackling larger areas and deeper pains.

Heat Therapy

Along with the laser and LED therapy, heat activates in IASO Ultra to add on to the improvement of blood circulation. Heat therapy can relax and soothe muscles while healing damaged tissues.


For a comprehensive massage experience, vibrations and rhythmic vibrations complete the full package. Vibration adds the final touch in the therapy to enhance the process of helping the expansion of blood vessels for an overall speedy recovery.

Click Here to Buy Now: $249 $399 (37% off). Hurry, only 28/50 left!