This miniature whiteboard lets you effectively brainstorm while you work from home

Reusable like a whiteboard, portable and sticky like a Post-it, the Mover Erase brings one of the workplace’s most effective features to your WFH setup. You see, in our transition from the office to the home-office, we missed out on quite a lot. Sure, there’s an obvious lack of workplace gossip and office chit-chat, but we’re also missing out on the kind of tools that make us more productive. The ability to stick notes around our work-desk, to walk up to a whiteboard and really brainstorm effectively. To streamline your process in a way that makes you more productive and organized. The Mover Erase turns the whiteboard into a portable setup that you can carry around with you, because productivity shouldn’t be limited to a ‘place’.

In 2020, I called the Mover Erase ‘sheer genius’. A portable, reusable, magnetic Post-it-style note that you could stick on any surface? The Mover Erase was an incredible ideation and organization tool. Now, with the Mover Erase Combo, it becomes arguably even more useful and versatile. At the heart of this system is the individual Mover Erase tile, a small rectangular element that you can write/doodle on and stick anywhere. Unlike a whiteboard, where you can’t really rearrange stuff that’s written, the Mover Erase’s tile-based system meant you could move blocks around, shifting ideas from one column to another… and unlike Post-its, the Mover Erase tiles were infinitely reusable, with each reusable tile saving nearly 10,000 sheets of paper. The Mover Erase Combo comes along with a magnetic folio case that’s best described as your portable whiteboard. Available in two sizes (a smaller MoverPad and a larger MoverBook), the folio acts as a central system for organizing, ideating, and processing. The MoverPad and MoverBook come with columns for tasks that require urgency, backburner tasks, as well as for a general creative-brainstorming session. Snap individual Mover Erase tiles wherever you want and rearrange them to help you keep track of what’s important and record what’s not important for later. Along with the MoverPad and MoverBook, you’ve even got a grid-based ThinkerBoard, and a lightweight, adaptable MoverPanel for arranging your magnetic tiles. Mover Erase’s entire ecosystem of tile and background brings digital-inspired organization to a physical level (like moving tiles around on your digital calendar or virtual whiteboard… but in real life), allowing you to focus on tasks at hand. In fact, the tactile system works incredibly well for people with ADHD too, allowing them to stay organized without getting distracted.

The reusable tiles come with a patented design that features magnets laid out on one side, allowing them to snap onto the folio, around your laptop screen, on conventional whiteboards, on your refrigerator, or even stack together when you don’t want them scattered around. A simple push causes the individual note/tile to lift up, allowing you to easily remove, replace, and rearrange them on the fly, and they come color-coded too, so you can organize them any way you choose. Your written matter, doodles, and graphs can easily be wiped off with a piece of cloth, or under running water if the ink gets too stubborn. They say the average human uses 700 pounds of paper each year – averaging to roughly 8 trees and 7000 gallons of water to process those paper requirements. The Mover Erase Combo drastically reduces that footprint, while bringing the productivity of your workplace right into your home… and if you just want the freedom to work wherever you can, the Mover Erase Combo folds up into a laptop-sized sheet that slides right into any backpack or suitcase. When you need it, just open up your MoverPad or MoverBook along with your laptop or tablet, and there you have it… an instant, creativity-conducive workspace!

Designer: Bravestorming

Click Here to Buy Now: 2 Packs for $53 $84 (37% off). Raised over $220,000.

Mover Erase Combo – Reusable Finger Sized Mini Whiteboard

The Mover Erase Combo organizer is a washable, reusable silicon whiteboard with a patented magnetic design to help you “bricking ideas down” with different sizes.

The combination of post-it and whiteboard.

Patented magnetic feature for easy picking-up.

Mover Erase Combo street-sign feature for your idea to stand out from your mind map.

Arrange and Snap tasks aside monitor.

Single out a task to focus on.

Workspace at your command.

Use Mover Erase Combo to save paper.

Visualize Ideas for Better Action

A central system that processing your thinking!

Green & Reusable

Compared to sticky notes, Mover Erase is a better solution to save attention, money and the planet. Wipe off and reuse.

Wash and reuse.

Save paper.

Zoom In & Zoom Out your Action

Single out a task from the big picture to focus.

One Press Pickup

Easy picking up.

Easy pick up even when they are closely surrounded.

Click Here to Buy Now: 2 Packs for $53 $84 (37% off). Raised over $220,000.