A Very Sticky Chair

Don’t worry glue is not the operative here. It’s called the Sticky Chair because well, it’s a bunch of sticks jutting out from cross center. Design Samwoong Lee intentions were to create a form that looked like active movement; an explosion from a center point creating new space by shooting in every direction.

Designer: Samwoong Lee


  • TH says:

    Can I order six of these for my dining room, please. 😀

  • willy says:

    Truly amazing 😀

  • bystander says:

    this is off the roof, how do you even go about in making this?

  • Rony John says:

    Is that a chair .. !!!

  • looks comfortable.. haha.. i do like the design of it for sure… i like the peices that keep popping up look as if they were created from scraps.. great!

  • billy says:

    why even bother calling it a chair. this really irritates me. i’ve looked and other stuff he’s done looks good – so he hasn’t just slipped out of a mental institute. as a piece of art its good and well crafted. as a chair, well, looks like a pain in the ass, and a castrating device

  • Shame Shame says:

    …man, as a person admire creativity of korean designers….it’s really shame….this design, well actually not this design, but numberous designs something very similar to this one…i better sau exact copies of this design were done by a famouse chinese designer, i don’t recall his name, previously….he mainly focused on making thigs in explosion shape….your copycat!!!!

  • rayelle says:

    this chair albeit a creative one, is not a functional or comfortable one…

  • jas says:

    Cai Guo-Qiang is an artist perhaps shame shame is referring to. Picasso once said that a master artist copies everything. As for the design above it look great in a photo, or as a prop in a crazy movie. It is very interesting. But useless to the ordinary person. The only thing people should worry about the size of before they buy is a Christmas tree.

  • deon3366 says:

    put a match to it. even if i could afford iti would never order it. too bulky to transport. whatever happened to leaving a smaller footprint on this earth.

  • А что Вы скажете, если я возьму на себя смелость предположить, что все Ваши посты, не более чем выдумка?

  • А что Вы скажете, если я возьму на себя смелость предположить, что все Ваши посты, не более чем выдумка?

  • xXblahXx says:

    since i like color, why don’t you put some colors on it (or splat paint on it) to make it a bit prettier?

    u can sell these in pastel colors, rainbow, polka dots, and maybe put customized pictures on those! 😀

  • mitchell says:

    where are they sold?

  • Are these chairs built for HELL??? I don’t think it can be used else where.

  • citra says:

    artsy products, but I am not sure this is suitable for use.

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