Stacking with Age

As a child grows, so to their toes grows – so do their legs grows, and so do their torsos grows. As a child grows, a parent might mark their height up against the wall with their age written close by. It is the warmth and positivity that this activity provides that designer Ho-Chieh Hsu hopes to capture and re-present in a chair which can be raised and lowered upon application or subtraction of books.

Lemme tell you about a couple things at this point: one, the immensely popular MeasureMe Stick by Studio 1a.m. which we’ve got both a post about and for sale in the YD Store, and two Mod U Me children’s furniture by Yana Tzanov and Stephanie Sauve, another bit of growing furniture that ties right in with this project “Stack Me Up” by Ho-Chieh Hsu. It is in this project that you find not only a chair that can grow upward as a child grows, but also acts as a storage place for those books while you’re not reading them. Encouragement for the kid! I can’t say quite as much for the spines of the books.

Designer: Ho-Chieh Hsu