Three-Six desk has circumferential metal inlay for storage

My work desk is probably the place where I spend most of my time the entire day (yes, more than my bed since I sleep only 4-5 hours a day). So it’s important that I like my work area and I have everything I need within easy reach. It’s also a bonus if the desk has a pretty design that can take my mind off work every once in a while. I like the one I have now but I’m always looking out for something that could be better and can fit into my space.

Designer: Deniz Aktay

This concept desk was specially designed for someone’s birthday and is both functional and also eye-catching. The body itself is your usual walnut desk but what makes it different is the orange metal inlay surrounding it. It’s not just there for aesthetic purposes although the orange metal surrounding wood does make a striking design. But the purpose of this inlay is to let you place stuff around your desk without them actually taking up space on your desk.

The front inlay is actually part of the drawers and are used to open them. The sides are angular so you could put office accessories like scissors, staplers, pens, etc. You can also place your mobile phone, tablet, and other media devices so that you can reach them easily but they won’t be on the desk exactly. The back inlay is wider than the sides so you can put bigger items there like books, plants, pen holders, and other decorative things.

The inlays can also be used to add additional storage accessories in case you need it. The back of the desk also has an integrated opening hole so you can manage your cables in an organized manner. The desk also has inclined, tapered legs so it can look modern and classic at the same time. While this is a special design for someone’s birthday, I wouldn’t be surprised if this becomes an actual desk in the market.