Habitual Bedside Table

The traditional bedside table doesn’t always fit how we spend the last few waking moments in bed but it’s not something we think about either. Designer Stephane de Sousa wanted to design a minimalist bedside table in powder coated steel to address what we really need – a waterproof surface, bookshelf, and a simple way to remember where you left off on last night’s reading.

Designer: Stephane de Sousa


  • Art says:

    Needs a drawer.

  • Anna says:

    I think we need to watch out for the sharp corners… rounded corners would be better, as a sleeping person might scratch himself/herself while moving in sleep. This will be especially so if the top surface is above the surface of the mattress (to facilitate placing the open book on the triangular support). If the top surface lines up with the surface of the mattress, it will be safer as far as the corners are concerned, but it will be impossible to access the triangular support without getting up from the bed.

    But definitely a beautiful design.


  • MaryW says:

    I love it. Would love to see it made from wood. These sleek metal lines are nice, too, though–maybe in a shiny chrome or black mirror surface. This is exactly the sort of design I’ve been waiting for. I can see no reason why a shallow drawer couldn’t be added below the table top. As an added bonus, the triangular section would make the perfect hideaway for a kitteh or small dog.

  • billy says:

    whats all this about sharp corners, and drawers – i think the designer has been given too much of a hard time. its obvious that it was designed by a retarded baboon. the triangular bit is a dust collector.

  • Scilly Guy says:

    Definitely needs a drawer, and put a bedside light in the picture PLEASE.

  • Christine says:

    I like the triangular bit, it’s so clever and provides the book a bookmark with its own special spot.

    I also agree that the sharp corners are an issue as well as the thinness of the piece. At the moment, the material looks like cardboard. As MaryW’s comment mentioned, some sort of wood would be a fantastic material, or MDF painted black . I also believe it needs some shelving. There is space neglected underneath the triangle as well as the area next to the vertical stand that can accommodate space for shelves.
    Funky idea though.

    • Marc says:

      I can’t agree with your comment about the space underneath the triangle being neglected. One of the other comments suggests it as a hideaway for small animals, and I know my cat would use it for that purpose. Another comment suggests its use as a dust collecter, although why one might want to do that I don’t know. I think it would also make a good store for triangular-shaped objects. Personally I would like the triangular opening covered except for a triangular opening of say 6 inches at the top and I could throw things away in there but that only works for my location (tiled floors and maids at about one euro per hour). If one is not reading currently then perhaps one could drape a pair of trousers over the ridge, rather than lay them neatly on the floor as I do currently.

  • Rony John says:

    Looks like its made of cardboard… is it ??

    • bystander says:

      it looks like stainless steel to me.

      • Marc says:

        You are joking, right? There are two pictures and a couple of sentences to read. Perhaps it’s made of powder coated steel? We could add a hyphen to make it a little less ambiguous, so let’s call it powder-coated steel. So I’m guessing it’s made of steel, right? I’m not so sure about the powder coating, and my first thought was an enamel surface as that’s applied as powder, but anyone can appear clever with a little Googling these days so I’ll let you follow up with http://www.powdercoating.org/benefits/ and http://www.azom.com/details.asp?ArticleID=1282

  • Fiddy says:

    I don’t know what you’re seeing but the corners ARE rounded. It’s brilliant design. If you want drawers stick with big square and wood. That’s already out there. This is something new.

  • Waqas says:

    Its a cool design, I am thinking to build some new furniture for my room, Perhaps i am look for a more geek styled bed that may help me using laptop on the bed and of course a proper place from my fone charger , glasses etc

    If any one know some kinda of that design plz hit me back

  • Perfect. If you think it needs a drawer, you don’t understand what the designer was trying to accomplish.

  • Karl says:

    Like other folded metal designs, this one won’t be very rigid. The top will bounce and vibrate, especially at the front edge.

    That’s the thing about steel. It is so strong that it makes you think you can make these things out of abstract planes and folded corners. But it isn’t quite strong (more precisely, stiff) *enough* for this kind of game. It wants to demateriialize itself, but it can’t.

    Also this particular design will be easy to tip over backwards. If it is placed against a wall, perhaps that doesn’t matter much.

    Also it will be quite heavy.

    And I don’t see how the V-planes are attached to the upright and table top planes.

    Something with feet would be more stable. Something with legs would be stronger. And once you are there, you might as well use wood. Plenty strong enough, cheaper, lighter.

    But the idea of a place to put your book is a good one. Maybe my next design will have a something like it, or a stretched cable so you could hang a book there.

  • Vincent Pollard says:

    i like it. where can i get one in canada?

  • Shade says:

    Am I the only one who sees a flaw in this design? Unless you stop reading somewhere around the middle, the book will flip over to one side because of its weight.

  • Nan says:

    its a simple good idea

    but yea sharp edge could be a problem

  • Tim Wellis says:

    what are its dimentions

  • Rono says:

    Looks unsafe. I think it should be rounded. For people like me, a drawer wouldn’t be needed.

  • Noah says:

    this is the future i used to hate bedside table now i may reconsider
    i would be more simple if it is from one piece of metal sheet

  • mta says:

    weriy good

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