Ritek Yego – USB Drive With Extra USB Ports

Ritek USB Flash Drive Hub Yego is fun, unique design includes two additional USB ports, which allows users to combine each USB drive into a USB HUB and add on more mobile devices. Users now have easy access to a virtually endless stream of data, photos, or music without having to download or continually change out devices. To assure privacy and protection, the USB Flash Drives feature advanced partition and security functions that make it possible for users to create password-protected sectors for the storage of confidential material. A tie-style LED indicator shows usage status. The versatile drive has its own storage up to 4GB.

Design: Ritek [ Buy It Here ]


  • Geovante says:

    Where would i buy one of these

  • huso says:

    I certainly want one – or two, or … Where do I get it?


  • Hopper says:

    Hi, I am the designer of this product. It’s made by RiTEK corporation. You can buy it with phone call to +886-3-5987298. But I am not in RiTEK now. I work for another company. But you call mail me if you have anyquestion. Thanks!!

  • saywhat says:

    you can buy this online
    i got one myself
    nice stuff
    thanks hopper

  • saywhat says:

    i got one
    real nice stuff
    although i’ve lost the cap for way too many times
    but i guess that’s just me, cuz i cant find a nice string for it

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