Improving Cyclist’s Safety, with Lasers!

Being a cyclist at night can be a frightening, and rather daunting, experience. Hazards are everywhere, and most stem from the other, more robust, road users. Cars. While having lights on your bicycle is a must, no amount of lights can stop you from vanishing within someone’s blind spot! However, Beryl, the team behind the Laserlight Core thought-up an innovate solution!

Packed within the Laserlight Core is patented laser technology that has been proven to make the vulnerable cyclist up to 32% more visible! By projecting a symbol of a bike 6 meters ahead of the cyclist, other road users are made aware of the potential hazard that is currently positioned in their blind spot.

You won’t have to clutter-up your handle-bars with lights, as the Laserlight Core features a powerful, 40lm front light capable of illuminating the road ahead. This compact device is certainly an excellent way to alert pedestrians, stay visible to other road users, give a heads-up at junctions and ultimately, stay safe!

Designer: Daniel Barnes

Click here to Buy Now: $75 $95 (20% off).


The Laserlight Core projects the symbol of a bike 6m ahead of the rider, allowing them to be seen from the blind spot when otherwise hidden.

Total visibility, one click away.



Their patented green laser projection allows you to be visible before you’re seen.



The white light has been designed with city riding in mind, and has a Day Flash mode that beams out an impressive 400 lumens. This gives you optimum visibility all round, even during the day.



Laserlight Core’s side lens lights up to provide a high visibility halo that can be seen from over 180º.

Made for all-weather riding. Laserlight Core is IP54, meaning it will ride safely through winter and wet days.

Never be without light. Charge wherever you are, using a standard micro USB. No need for a custom cable.

The mount is a simple, tool-free silicone bracket with a click-on, click-off mechanism.

Click here to Buy Now: $75 $95 (20% off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left!