A Different Kind of Desk Lamp

The Ugol lamp is a simplistic desktop lighting solution with a very creative way of staying upright. Designed to hug any corner, it leverages the table itself as a means of support. Simply position it on any of the four points to direct light where you need it. Without sacrificing brightness, the minimal design’s small footprint leaves the user with more usable space to work.

Designer: Yaroslav Misonzhnikov


  • Adam Malone says:

    Really cool concept I love it!!!

  • Christopher says:

    Nice idea – will my hair look like that if I use this lamp?

    I would be happier if the LEDs were recessed a bit so that if (when) it falls, they will not be damaged & this would keep the light out of my eyes. Also, if this was open on one side of the bottom loop (like an upside-down question mark), then it could be used on the side of a table as well as the corner. This would also mean that the LED bar should rotate so that it could lean to the right and left. The wood switch and attention to the power cord is a nice touch

  • Mark says:

    Wow! I really like this – I agree with the comment above re: recessing the LEDs I think it would look more pleasing too… but hey, everyone’s a critic!

    (and it looks like the model has picked up some splinters too 😉

  • name says:

    don’t get the first picture, how is a nicely dressed woman related to this lamp? just to grab attention? and this specific type of LEDs compared to up to date ones is like a calculator compared to a computer.

  • mif991 says:

    Its kind of limiting, but I like the idea. I am with Christopher on this.

  • peter says:

    So, do I need to have suitable desk or table with the lamp? or should I get one after getting the lamp?

    lovely but questioning.

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