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Honda R-EV by Jex Chau

Hot Honda Hatch

I love me a hatchback! More so if it’s electric and fast! Jex Chau’s Honda R-EV concept was designed with the already trending EV…

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E-SPEED Electric Scooter Concept by KTM – KISKA

Need For Speed

Two-wheelers have their fancy appeal and I for one love the ride. The FREERIDE E-SPEED Electric Scooter Concept is essentially a motorcycle idea in…

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Jaguar XK-I by Mudit Gupta

Now this is a Jag

Without looking, take a minute to describe what you imagine a Jag looking like… chances are, you just described the classics AND the modern…

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National Geographic 2035 ZAIRE Concept Car by Dong Man Joo

Safari Quest

Designed to aid the capable photography team from National Geographic, this 2035 ZAIRE Concept Car has all the innovations incorporated to ensure that the…

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R1 Concept Vehicle by Nicholas Evans

Roll and R1de

The futuristic R1 (Roller 1) concept vehicle was designed for the not-so-distant 2030s and aims to shed light on what might be expected from…

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MONO - Transformable Electric Vehicle by Heesang Ahn

Mini Transformer

The age of super-compacts is in full swing, but with that smaller wheelbase comes compromise in stability. MONO is a transformable EV that adapts…