Personal Pod

The only word that describes traffic aptly is: BAD! Try this, ask your friend, partner or just anyone who uses a car…’how’s the traffic’,…

T-Ractor - Tractor Concept by Park Chanhyun, Lee Jaewha & Min Seong Kim

Green Beast

An electric green shell. Bold, sporty, aggressive styling. Ultra-bright adaptive LED headlights. A super-flexible racing-style seat. Horsepower for days. These are just a few…

2Wheela - Concept Vehicle by Andrej Kregar


The first of its kind, the 2Wheela is a concept vehicle that merges the practicality of super-compacts with the spaciousness of vans. Confused?! It’s…

Jaguar E Type - Concept Car by Hussain Almossawi & Marin Myftiu

Purrrrfect Jag

Inspired by the vintage Jag e-type of the 1960s, the Jaguar XKX concept finds a modern balance between pure muscle and supreme elegance. The…

Tarsier - Electric Trike by Allen Chester Zhang

Touring Trike

Designed specifically for the busy streets of the Philippines, the Tarsier takes inspiration from the open-air design language of the area’s classic tourism vehicles….