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JAC< Foldable Electric Powered Scooter by Springtime

New Jack Flash

With all the traffic congestion and vehicle-related pollution up on the rise, electric powered and other hybrid green-fueled mode of transportation seems to be…

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The Least Common Denominator - Concept Vehicle by Oliver Elst

Mercedes Makeover

This award-winning project by Oliver Elst applies the theme of reduction to the aesthetics and structure of this Mercedes concept, in the process creating…

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Tesla C - Concept Vehicle by Dejan Hristov

Hot Hatch

I love me a hatchback and I love me a Tesla! The Tesla C captures the brand’s unique design language in a forward-thinking 2-door…

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Volkswagen Expand - Concept Car by Luiz Antonelli

Expanding Mobility

The Volkswagen Expand is a super-versatile concept vehicle that offers not 1 but 2 functional expansions that make it the perfect urban commuter. The…

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Smart City Bike by Yo-Hwan Kim

Smarter Ride

The Smart City Cycle takes into consideration that you may have to carry some luggage with you when you head out. It could be…