The Future of Electric Vehicle Infrastructure? This Robot Charger Can Drive Up to Your EV and Charge It Anywhere

The problem with EVs is that adoption grows MUCH faster than infrastructure. It takes months or even years to set up an EV charging grid big enough to serve current needs, but tens of thousands of new people buy EVs on a daily basis. How does one solve for such a problem? Robotic Chargers, says one Seattle-based startup.

Dubbed the future of EV charging, AUTEV’s autonomous robot chargers move around, charging EVs wherever they are, rather than having the EV travel to a charging station. These autonomous chargers-on-wheels help cover areas where the charging infrastructure isn’t set up yet, given their ability to move around from car to car, charging each one. This, in turn, helps boost EV sales, allowing people who were previously hesitant to be more confident in taking up electric cars, knowing that they can rely on AUTEV’s charging services anywhere.

Designer: Autev

The AUTEV robot is a small, pod-like device on four wheels that can autonomously move around parking lots, charging EVs using the batteries that are housed inside it. Users can summon an AUTEV robot using an app, and when the robot reaches its destination, all you really need to do is plug its charging outlet into your car. You can then go about running your errands, knowing fully well that your car is being charged in the meantime.

AUTEV offers a mobile power solution that can be rapidly implemented to address the increasing demand for electric vehicles without the need for extra permanent infrastructure, resulting in greater cost-efficiency and scalability. “Our market research has shown that there is a huge gap in the market between the increase of EVs on the streets and how EV charging infrastructure is growing. Building new public charging stations or dedicated EV charging parking spaces in areas of shared parking presents logistical challenges,” says Founder and CEO of AUTEV, Osama AlSalloum. Cofounder and COO Syd Manna adds, “We have developed an autonomous charging robot that can provide on-demand charging wherever it is needed. Our technology reduces the need for a fixed charging infrastructure and makes EV charging more convenient for EV owners.”

AUTEV is aiming to make fleets of these robots available for garage operators to use commercially by the beginning of next year. These operators will be charged a monthly fee and will generate revenue from both customers who use the robot chargers, as well as advertising that runs on the robot’s displays.