This monstrous nuclear-powered bike is teleported from an unknown realm

When the Akira bike from Cyberpunk world, Acree the wonder Transformers two-wheeler and the legendary Tron motorcycle are mashed up into one the result is destined to be special.

Forget electric motors, hydrogen-powered fuel cells or hybrid engine technologies – this nuclear energy-driven concept beats them all – setting the tone for a dystopian world where AI has evolved to dominate humans for supremacy.

Designer: Sadegh Faramarzii

Called the Nuke Tactical Superbike, this intimidating ride is built for the kill. Not to be mistaken for a future Predator movie plot, this monster is not for the faint-hearted. Clocking more than 100 miles per hour on this one should be a walk in the park, thanks to the wide stance and big chunky set of three wheels. No, this s not a trike by any stretch of the imagination, since all those three wheels are aligned in a straight line. Especially the two adjacent wheels on the rear.

There’s yet another version that has just two wheels, but this one has a bigger engine, reinforced swingarm and beefy suspension. The cruiser bike persona of this Nuclear-powered machine is meant for long hauls on the freeway, outside the city limits. Sadegh pictures this low-slung motorcycle with a very chiseled muscular body, exposing the mechanical elements for elusive sex appeal.

That mighty engine driving the front wheels has exhausts on one side. It’s like a tank on two wheels, but with more top speed. I can’t help but relate this nuclear-powered bike to the Optimus Prime whenever I lay my eyes on the headlights from the front profile. Nor can I deny how cool a LEGO version of this monster on two wheels would be.