These wild Bugatti SUV concepts are the perfect fusion of sporty luxury and rugged utility

In Greek mythology, ‘Chiron’ was the name of a wise centaur – a half-human, half-beast entity. These Bugatti Chiron SUV concepts are pretty much the same thing – they’re half sleek Bugatti supercars, half otherworldly Mad Max-style monster vehicles. Generated by AI artist Flybyartist, these customized Bugatti Chirons aren’t meant for garages… they’re meant to brave zombie apocalypses, endure the elements, and get you from A to B regardless of what’s in between. In style, of course!

Designer: Flybyartist via Midjourney

These images were created in Midjourney, proving that AI has an absolutely wicked imagination, and that if Bugatti were to ever venture into SUV territory (or if someone were enthusiastic enough to modify a Chiron), the results would be thrilling. These images scream Mad Max a little too loudly, but then again, you don’t see me complaining. If the 2019 Chiron Super Sport 300+ was the fastest car on land, these Chiron Utility Vehicles would be the fastest car on sand.

Each concept has the characteristics of a Chiron, with those super-sleek headlights, the C-shaped pillar, and a semblance of that horseshoe cutout grille on the front. However, the Chiron’s audacity gets amped up with those angular panels, aggressive air-intakes on the front, and conquer-everything tires. The ground clearance gets a bump too, given the need to be able to drive comfortably on rough terrain, and in a few concepts, you’ve also got the hint of a truck bed at the back. Finally, a few fog lights on top of the roof give the Chiron its off-road persona, and that black-and-red paint job ensures the Chiron blends right into its sandy home, while also screaming for attention when it’s hurtling towards you at those high speeds that only the quad-turbocharged W16 engine is capable of!