Rolls-Royce convertible is turned into a muscle car flaunting V8 engine blower and tons of badass attitude

More than a century old (add another couple of decades too) Rolls-Royce has consistently stuck to its vision of making high-end luxury cars loaded with the latest technology and interiors to die for. The British car manufacturer has shunned automotive critics all these years with refined engineering and a sublime taste for opulence.

Some years ago, Rolls-Royce showed off its vision of the brand in the year 2035. Yes, we are talking of the Rolls-Royce 103EX concept that oozes the Rolls-Royce DNA in every aspect. Other concepts by creative automotive designers like Ugur Sahin also try and expand the vision with a few bells and whistles. While there are some totally at the other end of the spectrum, taking one on a roller coaster ride – that’s if you are a neutral fan.

Designer: Al Yasid

This design by the renowned digital artist Al Yasid is a creation you would never ever see rolling out of the Rolls-Royce manufacturing facility in Goodwood, England. However, if an aftermarket design studio or restomod expert decides to play around with things, this crazy RR would be rolling its wheels on the outskirts of a metropolis. The concept very wittily dubbed “RLolls Royce” is basically a Rolls-Royce Dawn given the muscle car treatment with a tell-tale drift racer trait.

Those big chunky tires and the oversized exhaust fit for a NASCAR hulk, adapt to the overall muscle mass of this mashed-up version. Out of the hood peeks a V8 blower engine, intimidating enough for the opponent to back out even before a duel gets underway. The side rockers for the long chassis and the body kits for the front and the rear dress up the RR convertible for feisty drag races. Everything apart, the Spirit of Ecstasy emblem ornament on the bonnet has been replaced with something we can’t jot down here. See for yourself!

This concept is in no way fit for a red-carpet event, nor does it deserve to be in the garage of a sophisticated billionaire. The RR concept does however fit like a charm inside a geeky racing fan’s mansion, one who’s in the knack for turning opulent vehicles (that run in millions already) into flamboyant rides with tons of torque.

Justin Bieber would already be eying this concept, mustering ways to bamboozle with another crazy ride. No doubt this Rolls-Royce is something no one would expect to see, and stepping into a street race with one will shift instant attention!