The ultimate towable survival bunker, ELE, comes ready to protect you from bear and zombie attack

In a world plagued by disasters, if you imagine towing a trailer right through the heart of a catastrophe without an iota of doubt, Mammoth Overland dares to offer a solution in the ELE Trailer. Combining mobility with utmost safety and self-reliance, ELE is designed to be the ultimate towable survival bunker.

To honor that image, the ELE Trailer is engineered to withstand the harshest of conditions, including a zombie apocalypse. It is also prepared for other, more realistic, misadventures such as a bear attack or a wildfire. The limited-edition ELE Trailer would be available toward the end of 2023 at a starting price of $67,000 for all overlanding enthusiasts venturing out on the most extreme adventures.

Designer: Mammoth Overland

If you have been in the wilderness and a bear has walked past without disturbing your solitude, it’s fine, but if you have been in a situation where a bear has clawed on your fragile trailer; you understand the need for a mobile home to be bear-proof.

Mammoth president Scott Taylor, drawing from his experience of growing up in Montana, where bear-proofing is important, if you think of spending time in the outdoors, has crafted the ELE Trailer from aircraft standard materials. Double-walled aerospace-grade aluminum body with high-density foam insulation sandwiched in between sits on a steel chassis. The construction becomes more intriguing at the submarine-style pressure doors, which render the trailer airtight to prevent air infiltration in addition to keeping the bears out.

The ELE cuts out the contaminated air from entering, but doesn’t leave you gasping for fresh air. To ensure clean and fresh air, a medical-grade air filtration system is installed to purify the entered air. Capable of completely purifying the interior air in under 3 minutes, this system can sustain occupants for up to 6 months with purified air.

This is not it; the trailer boasts a range of unique features including bear spray defense system, medical-grade air filtration, and a drone launch system. This true fortress on wheels can be outfitted with optional Level 3 bulletproof as well (costing additional).

The innovative bear spray system comprises two replaceable canisters located at the front of the trailer. A switch inside the cabin turns on the canisters and a powerful mist is sprayed around the exterior to deter the attacking bear or any other potential threat. Even if you don’t choose to bulletproof the ELE, it is integrated with lockable weapons storage allowing you to access a gun when needed. This raises the bar of your level of preparedness in the trailer that can go anywhere you want.

ELE Trailer is not only to live in the city confines, when disaster comes calling, you can ride out to the safe confines and live off-grid for a bit. To take care of your safe water needs, you get an 83-liter water tank onboard with Guzzle H2O filtration system. Power needs are satiated by a 100-Ah smart lithium battery and 100-W solar panels. It comes loaded with an exterior fold-out kitchen with a sink and a two-burner stove. An awning can be set up to create a cozy outdoor space

To ensures enhanced security during moments of rest and relaxation, and to fulfill the sentiment of preparedness, the ELE Trailer also boasts advanced surveillance capabilities. A gimbal-mounted night-vision camera on the roof keeps a hawk-eye on the outside and delivers the feed to an onboard 32-inch TV. For the camera operations, and to stay connected with the outside world at all times, the ELE is installed with Starlink internet.