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Yanko Design features predominantly concept designs, yet we receive more inquires about purchases than all others combined. We have taken the time to leverage our affiliates and provide these hand picked deals for those interested in owning a timeless design!

July 10, 2007

Eva Solo Tea Brewer

The Innovative Eva Solo Tea Brewer Gift Set with Tumblers brings sleek, contemporary style to a peaceful ritual. The teapot features a unique, patented filter system and a drip-free spout with flip-top lid that snaps open automatically for easy pouring. Insulated, zippered cover keeps tea hot.

$125.00 $88.00

Rosendahl Alarm Clock

A wonderful modern clock that does not keep you await at night with a harsh “thicking noise”. High functionality is at the core of our new series of timepieces. The alarm clock has a digital display and provides a very soft lit display. Choice of between a 12/24 hour display. The alarm clock has an alarm and a snooze function and it lights up automatically when the alarm is set. The alarm clock is made of black polypropylene and steel and is designed by Flemming Bo Hansen.

$200.00 $120.00

Iittala Decanter

This decanter, new to iittala in 2004, was designed by frequent collaborators antonio cittero and toan nguyen. the clean lines of this mouth blown glass decanter can be paired with many of iittala’s wonderful wine glasses. the generous space in the decanter’s lower part allows the wine to come into contact with air, allowing it to breathe and bring out the aroma of the wine. the well balanced shape allows for easy pouring. the decanter stands 8” in height and has a liquid capacity of 2 quarts.

$80.00 $49.99

Chroma Chef Knife

An ergonomic handle designed by F.A. Porsche. A metal “pearl” that clearly demarcates the end of the handle for better control when cutting. A seamless perfection and hygienic transition from blade to handle. A special grinding method is used, so the knife stays sharp longer and is easier to sharpen. That it is beloved by famous gourmet chefs. The handle of the Type 301 by F.A. Porsche is constructed of 18/10 stainless steel, and the blade is made of high-quality Japanese 301 steel. The blade of each knife is carefully sharpened by the hand of a master.

$120.00 $99.95

Herman Miller Leaf Light

The Leaf Personal Light by Herman Miller uses innovative LED technology to introduce lighting that invites human connection. With a simple touch of the intuitive controls, this sculptural lamp easily manages lighting intensity, color and on/off to best suit your functional needs for up to 100,000 hours.

$525.00 $499.00

Jacob Jensen Wireless Doorbell

This contemporary award-winning Jacob Jensen designed wireless doorbell features five different specially composed, high quality polyphonic tunes including a special tune designed for the hard-of-hearing. Select from several sounds including a classic town hall bell, knocking at an old wooden door, Contemporary lounge-inspired tune, Asian-inspired tune, or a low-frequency tune designed for the hearing impaired. Tunes can be assigned to individual bell pushes to identify which doorbell is ringing. One bell push is included with the wireless doorbell set but an unlimited number of bell pushes can be purchased separately and added to your configuration.

$189.00 $159.00